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20 SL9B Exhibits You Don’t Want To Miss!

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SL9B Logo (Wht) by Harlequin Rhode

This year’s Second Life 9th Birthday (SL9B) celebration is coming to a close, but before the SIMs shut down forever here are some of my favorite SL9B exhibits that you won’t want to miss!


Lotus Stage (Donpatchy Dagostino)

SL9B - Lotus Stage (Donpatchy Dagostino)

Breathtakingly beautiful and functional.


Spider of Connection (Yooma Mayo)

SL9B - Spider of Connection (Yooma Mayo)

See things from a different perspective as you defy gravity.


AviewTV (Thoth Jantzen)

SL9B - AviewTV (Thoth Jantzen)

A fantastic 360 degree immersive multimedia exhibit.

Virtual Marble Machine (pallina60 Loon)

SL9B - "Virtual Marble Machine" (pallina60 Loon)

Transform into a marble and enjoy a fun ride through the machine.


Sustainable Living (Faint Paulse)

SL9B - Sustainable Living (Faint Paulse)

Educational and informative build about going green with an environmentally friendly free gift.


Creator’s Brain (Failed Inventor)

SL9B - Creator's Brain (Failed Inventor)

Discover how the brain of an SL content creator works and why they are so important.


KittyCats Dance Party (Callie Cline)

SL9B -   KittyCats Dance Party (Callie Cline)

Adorable retro KittyCat exhibit where you can pick up an exclusive free SL9B KittyCat.


Cake Stage (Mikati Slade)

SL9B - Cake Stage (Mikati Slade)

Awesome retro stage with nine free birthday hats for you to find.


The Paintings and Poses Project (Winter Nightfire)

SL9B - The Paintings and Poses Project (Winter Nightfire)

Explore this beautiful exhibit and check out the photos users have taken there.


The 1920s Berlin Project (Jo Yardley)

SL9B - The 1920s Berlin Project (Jo Yardley)

Travel back in time to Berlin in the 1920s and learn more about this historical roleplaying community.

My School Project… Inside Linden Lab (Loki Elliot )

SL9B - "My School Project... Inside Linden Lab" (Loki Elliot )

Take a look at what’s going on inside the Lab at this fun and humorous installation.


Black Rose Mermaid Fountain  (Vivienne Daguerre)

SL9B - Black Rose Mermaid Fountain (Vivienne Daguerre)

Visit this beautifully modeled fountain and don’t forget to make a wish.


UWA Arts & Machinima (Carmsie Melodie)

SL9B - UWA Arts & Machinima (Carmsie Melodie)

Learn more about the UWA’s art and machinima community and check out this touching installation.


100 Word Stories (Crap Mariner)

SL9B - 100 Word Stories (Crap Mariner)

Learn more about the various groups and events related to the writing community at this exhibit.


Safe Waters Foundation  (Zohee Goldshark)

SL9B - Safe Waters Foundation (Zohee Goldshark)
This year SL9B has underwater exhibits and this beautiful installation in one you can dive into.


BioBreeds (Charity Goldfarb)

SL9B - BioBreeds (Charity Goldfarb)

Beautiful fantasy area with a special gift.


Egyptian Area (KT Syakumi)

SL9B - Egyptian Area (KT Syakumi)

Who knows what you’ll uncover out here.


Magical Meeroo Cave (Ruca Tease)

SL9B - Magical Meeroo Cave (Ruca Tease)

A magical fantasy cave for you and your Meeroos to enjoy and explore.


Cloud’s Gate (Ub Yifu)

SL9B - Cloud's Gate (Ub Yifu)

An interactive tribute to Tim Burton.


The Colossus Of Rod (Crap Mariner)

SL9B - The Colossus Of Rod (Crap Mariner)

In Rod We Trust.


Bad Katz  (Katz Republic)

SL9B -  Bad Katz (Katz Republic)

Beautiful fantasy exhibit that’s more than meets the eye.


SL9B Works (Eliza Wierwight & Contour)

SL9B -  SL9B Works (Eliza Wierwight & Contour)

A beautiful and creative installation.



SL9B - Booshies

Stop by and have some cake with these cute creatures from Booshtopia.


While these were some of my favorite exhibits there is so much more to see so take the time to explore SL9B before it’s gone!!

This is your last chance!  SL9B officially closes Wednesday June 27th at 11.59pm SLT.

Don’t forget to add your photos to the SL9B Flickr group.  You can view some of my additional photos taken at SL9B here.



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5 Responses to “20 SL9B Exhibits You Don’t Want To Miss!”

  1. Crap Mariner says:

    TY kindly, and I strongly urge EVERYONE to take this chance to see as many as possible before time runs out.

    (In case anybody’s wondering how I built 2 when the applications said only one build per person, I was a part of the SL9B crew and had to scramble filler builds for folks who didn’t make the build deadline or backed out mid-event for some reason or another. Colossus Of Rod’s is one of those fillers.)


  2. thomas says:

    Spider of Connection (Yooma Mayo) and Virtual Marble Machine (pallina60 Loon) have the same slurl.

  3. Crap Mariner says:

    May I please blow up my builds NOW, Miss Borgnine? :)


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