Extreme Home Makeover

We definitely aren’t at this level with regards to extreme home makeovers. However, we always love these great stories. We enjoy how they help to change people’s lives.

Building Dreams One Home at a Time

We have started our building dreams tour one home at a time. We are so glad to let everyone know that we have chosen our first city. We have chosen Kansas City MO to be our first dream home build. After much marketing through social media, we have asked people who would they want us to build and paint a dream home. We finalized two different families. One family is a war veteran from Iraq who was hurt in battle. He was handicapped and return back from the war with needing to deal with all the realities that come from being a casualty of war. He has a family with a wife and 3 girls. They had been living in a rental home and they were hopeful when he came back to build their own home. However, after his accident, they found it difficult to adjust and they have struggled to get back on their feet. The other family was a single mom whose husband had left here with 5 kids. She has been working two jobs and her parents have been helping her with her kids. They are now living with her parents. They would love a new home, but have been unable to afford it.

After about a month of letting people vote, the final vote is in. People have decided that we should build a home the war veteran. We are excited to announce that we will begin the process of building their dream home within a month. We are working through the details. We are looking forward to working with several companies to take on this venture. We have been looking for construction companies as well as painters Kansas City. We will also be working with local electricians and plumbers to better help us give them a beautiful home. When we finalize all of the details, we will let all of our fans know. We will then go about the process of building their new dream home and go about changing their world. We are so excited for this new opportunity.