Linden Lab Presents a New Professional Face to Virtual Worlds

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Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, debuted a new portal for organizations to serve as a more professional face for the virtual world. The new “Work” sub-domain continues the company’s slow, but steady revamp. The site features case studies of enterprises successfully using Second Life and offers a free tour of the Second Life environment.

For those of us, like myself, that work in virtual worlds helping businesses, educational institutions, and non-profits harness the power of these 3D worlds, this site is a breathe of fresh air. While the tides are changing everyday, historically it has been difficult to present to organizations the true potential of these virtual worlds. This site not only brings a fresh, clean design sense, but it also clearly highlights some of the uses and benefits of the platform in way that is organized and easy to follow. It is a welcomed leap from the former portal, the SLGrid, which was cluttered and disorganized.

If Linden Lab continues this kind of progression to other areas such as the client user interface, and launches a much needed marketing campaign, I believe it might fulfill its claim that “2009 is a Breakout Year for Virtual Collaboration.” I am very excited to see what future fresh views they have in store for us.

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