SLCC 2009 Wrap-Up

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Here are some of my favorites from SLCC ’09:

  • The biggest and best announcements came from Tom Hale as he introduced Second Life 2.0: and some of it’s key features such as the new SL viewer, the new website, and the interactive web media API. You can read all about these new features and changes in detail here.
  • Tom also announced the long awaited features of mesh support and global illumination. These concepts might be a little complex to some non-content creators, but they look stunning! Learn more about what these features are and what they mean for Second Life here.
  • Mark Kingdon and Philip Rosedale gave joint keynote speeches at SLCC.  Philip discussed how we are still at the very beginning of what virtual worlds will be and how we will need to weather tremendous changes as we move towards a more global digital world, but no matter how hard, we must endure them, because these changes are not just evolutionary, but revolutionary as well. You can view parts of his speech here, here, here, and here.   Mark discussed all the changes and amazing features coming to SL and how they are working on growth and making SL a better place. You can view parts of his speech here, here, and here. You can also view his slides below.

  • We also had our own workshop/panel with Draxtor Despres that went quite well. We discussed the California Legacy Project and premiered the latest episode.

  • Apollo Manga of the San Francisco Examiner, has day-by-day reports of his SLCC experience: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.
  • Keiko Takamura my favorite SL performer (along with Max Kleene) finially performed live at SLCC this year, with her new band The Shebangs. The performance was fantastic. You would never believe she previously had such fears as documented on her MTV documentary.

What did I miss? Post your links in the comments!

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