SLCC 2011

SLCC 2011 Wrap-Up

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SLCC 2011

This past weekend, August 12th-14th, marked the 7th Annual Second Life Community Convention (SLCC), which was held in Oakland, California this year and virtually in Second Life while being streamed over UStream.

I have to applaud Avacon, the conference’s organizers, as in my opinion this was the best the conference has been for virtual attendees.  The in-world SIMs were beautiful and well organized and the team made sure each of the 33 presentations were clearly streamed in-world and online.

Second Life Community Convention 2011 - The Hatch

In addition to the many community presentations, there were several Linden panels.


Rod Humble

Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble gave a keynote address announcing:

  • 16,000 people a day are signing up for and joining Second Life
  • Linden Lab will be working on other new products in addition to Second Life.  Specifically they are working on other shared creativity tools/spaces, and addressing tablets and mobile markets as well.
  • Linden Lab is focusing their current Second Life efforts on improving usability, lag, and service.
  • Linden Lab is looking at several future new features including a Linden made curated area, ending the need for HUDs, improvements to UI/sidebar, more in-world creatitivy tools and more.
  • Read more and watch Humble’s full keynote

Linden Game

Linden Lab’s product team announced several new ways they are trying to address community needs:

  • the team created a prototype game in order to learn about building and better understand limitations and problems in order to work on solutions
  • Linden Lab may develop a gamified new user experience
  • the team has been focused on improving usability and engagement
  • each member of the team is becoming a subject matter expert in order to understand and support those communities better
  • Read more and watch the product team’s full presentation


Second Life Avatar Mesh

Linden Lab’s mesh team addressed several key concerns:

  • Meshes (and objects with a physics shape type) will use the newly introduced prim equivalent to measure impact and count against land prim capacity
  • theft and IP concerns  are unlikely
  • meshes offers several advantages over sculpted prims, but traditional prims are still an important part of Second Life
  • Read more and watch the full mesh panel


Destination Guide

Brett Atwood/Brett Linden presented on updates to the Destination Guide:

  • the Destination Guide now has dynamic, time sensitive channels that feature hot events and locations as they are going on
  • the Destination Guide is intelligently removing a location if it becomes too crowded
  • the Destination Guide has an Linkshare affiliate program through which you can create a widget for your location and place it on your blog or website allowing you to earn money for visitors derived from your site
  • the Destination Guide now appears on the front page of the new Second Life login screen
  • the team monitors resident suggestions, blog activity, and social media for new locations
  • they are looking for high quality locations with broad appeal, active communities, and unique locations
  • in order for your Destination Guide submission to be approved you need to include a compelling and visually interesting screenshot and text that accurately describes your location
  • your submission could also be denied if it is a duplicate, your location currently violates the SL Terms of Service, your snapshot contains promotional text over the image, or the text is incoherent or inaccurate
  • Destination Guide entries are non-paid; they are not meant to be classified ads
  • View the slides then watch Brett’s full presentation on the Destination Guide


Direct Delivery

The commerce team presented on economical and commercial concerns:

  • the Lab has been focused on new users, registration, usability, service, performance, and growth to drive traffic and increase sales for merchants
  • Q2 stats show positive growth in several areas
  • Marketplace moving towards direct delivery
  • users will receive purchases as a folder hierarchy directly in their inventory (without the need to unpack items)
  • merchants will no longer need to use a magic box, but will simply have to drag their folders into an outbox
  • users will receive notifications of deliveries and will not need to be online to accept them, they will be pushed into inventory
  • eventually there will be guided warnings to aid new users (use this item right away, you need land for this item, etc)
  • Linden Lab looking to expand the LindenX to additional countries/currencies to in to serve more and increase sales
  • View the slides then watch the commerce team’s full presentation


Viale Linden

Marc Viale/Viale Linden presented on social experiences and communities:

  • the lab is moving away from Linden run events like “Kiss a Linden” towards “sustainable communities” like the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and LEA’s Month of Machinima
  • community gateways have not disappeared and are highlighted in the Destination Guide
  • Viale says Linden Lab respects privacy declaring “we don’t care what your parents named you, you can be whoever you want to be in Second Life”
  • Watch Viale’s full presentation on social experiences and communities

For a closer look at the more funny and social aspects of the SLCC experience check out Draxtor’s footage from the event below:


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  1. Apollo says:

    Great recap Gianna! I would just like to say how great it is that the Lindens seems so excited about SL again. It was encouraging to see so many Lindens not only on panels, but also attending! It’s obvious from this Linden support and the tone of Mr. Humble’s speech that things are really changing for the better at Linden Lab. I’m so excited for the future of this platform!

  2. Sitearm says:

    @Sand Castle: Hi! Outstanding report! Especially the highlights plus the detail links and videos. Cheer! :) Site

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