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The 20 Burning Life Camps You Must See

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The Man (Burning Life) The Man – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Life%2DBlack%20Rock/251/13/24

Burning Life 2009 opened in the virtual world of Second Life this past weekend.  Burning Life is described as a festival of community, art, and fire.  It is it the virtual counterpart of Burning Man.  Though there have long been many unofficial overlaps between the two, this year SL’s Burning Life was officially added as a Burning Man Regional Group.

Burning Life 2009 stretches across 34 SIMs.  While each camp has it’s own special qualities, I found 20 that really stood out to me.



    OK, I *may* be a little biased on this one, but when Reed Steamroller and I came up with the concept for this, I never expected the masterpiece he would create.  The architecture is breathtaking when you examine the complexity of the interlocking sculpted prims.  As if that wasn’t inspiring enough, the brilliant colors on the baked textures are captivating.


  2. Among Other Things – AM Radio

    Among Other Things - AM Radio

    Definitely the most inherently fun and interactive exhibit for an outsider to experience as you help create the art for the installation by adding your own graffiti to the trains, which are gorgeously built and textured by this well known Second Life artist.   As an added incentive, when you enter the camp, you receive the wheat from AM’s famous Wheat Fields exhibit as a gift.


  3. Cabaret of Flames – Poid Mahovlich

    Cabaret of Flames - Poid Mahovlich

    Poid Mahovlich combines her deep artistic sense, and her personal experience of the real life Burning Man to bring us this tribal immersive exhibit of fire and art.  The powerful sound of drums will surrounded you upon entering the camp, setting the mood to transport you into the desert, and make you feel like you are actually part of the real Burning Man experience more than any other exhibit.  It digs deep to your core and entrances you.  In addition to the transformative experience, you will be offered a gift of fire fans so you too can participate and become part of the exhibit/experience as you dance on the playa.  Poid talks about her experience and what inspired her to build The Cabaret of Flames in a special mini blog and includes an incredible machinima which is as *must see* as the exhibit itself!


  4. Vessel’s Dream – Bryn Oh

    Vessel's Dream - Bryn Oh

    This well known artist and machinimagrapher doesn’t just create art, she creates experiences.  Her camp this year is based off her poem Lilac.  Unlike other exhibits, to truly experience her immersive installation, you will have to follow the clues and explore the mythical and symbolic characters and rooms (hint: use your camera).  I highly recommend you take the time to enjoy the challenging and fascinating journey this exhibit will take you on.


  5. America’s Homeless Problem – Viomax

    America’s Homeless Problem – Viomax

    This thought provoking exhibit is beautifully constructed and makes a simple, but strong statement about the homeless problem in America.


  6. Untitled – Marcus Inkpen

    Untitled - Marcus Inkpen

    This dreamy installation is one of the most spellbinding exhibits I saw.  It is truly a work of art.  In addition to the in-world version, rockerfaerie has documented it in her ethereal machinima.


  7. A Mouse Trap Game – Nawlins Streeter

    A Mouse Trap Game - Nawlins Streeter

    I always thought that the best part about the game “Mouse Trap” was setting up the contraptions and setting them off.  This nostalgic game installation not only features all the working contraptions, but also allows you to set into the game and trigger them yourself.  Roll the dice and have some fun.


  8. Museo del Metaverso  – uqbar. media art culture

    Museo del Metaverso  - uqbar. media art culture

    Though slightly more commercial then I like to see at Burning Life, this exhibit allows you to search for  anything, and then within seconds Flickr photos of whatever you searched for will surround you!


  9. 42 – Raven Haalan and Isle Lunasea

    42 - Raven Haalan and Isle Lunasea

    This intriguing and immersive exhibit is not for those afraid of heights!  Begin the maze of climbing, as the pieces light up beneath you.  As you make your travels to the top, the creators offer words of wisdom and gifts of fire.


  10. Straight Outta ComptonAnonymous Sorbet

    Straight Outta Compton - Anonymous Sorbet

    This abstract installation reminds me of a whimsical fairytale.  Designed by an up and coming content creator it is beautifully sculpted.


  11. Light, Space & AliensUnknown

     Light, Space & Aliens – Unknown

    Take a break and enjoy the beautiful night sky above the playa and be mesmerized by the glow of the “rare species of SkyWorm”  dancing through the air.  Visit a forgotten cave, and check out a solar system like enviroment, (among other things) at this captivating exhibit of lights.


  12. Rezzed.TV at Burning LifeItazura Radio

     Rezzed.TV at Burning Life - Itazura Radio

    This exhibit is not just a great build, but also home to some of the best programing in Second Life.  With lots of events and tapings going on here through out the week, stay tuned to the Rezzed.TV Twitter feed to see your favorites live at Burning Life.


  13. The Cambrian Explosion – Sledge Roffo

     The Cambrian Explosion - Sledge Roffo

    The creator describes the Cambrian Explosion as “the seemingly rapid appearance of most major groups of complex animals around 530 million years ago, as evidenced by the fossil record.”  This is one spectacular and colorful explosion you must see first hand.


  14. Gulliver’s Travel Scene – Ub Yifu and Copan Falta

     Gulliver's Travel Scene - Ub Yifu and Copan Falta

    This amazing recreation of a Gulliver’s Travel scene is extraordinary.  Not only can you walk into and explore the oversized installation, there are also multiple pose balls placed around for you to become part the the exhibit itself.


  15. Burning Life Watchtower Camp – Cya, Lavia Dufaux, DeionPT Saunders

    Burning Life Watchtower Camp - Cya, Lavia Dufaux, DeionPT Saunders

    This fun and comical exhibit features little scenes such as “BL-Evolution,” “Apple Accident,” and “Surfing Squirrel.”  As if those weren’t enough the installation also features a watchtower with a working (and fast!) lift to the top so you can enjoy the view over the Playa.  It also has swings for you to enjoy in the sky as well.


  16. Soul Evolution – Liz Gealach

    Soul Evolution - Liz Gealach

    Creator Liz Gealach says, “Life is a journey of learning.  What we learn in this lifetime will help our soul evolve.  In the brief in between moments before we begin a new life journey what do we have a chance to reflect on and learn. “   With her celestial installation she calls you to come, learn, reflect,  and explore what your soul is here to learn in this life.  The exhibit also features some fantastic quotes from great thought leaders throughout history.


  17. Eridu Society Airship OutpostUnknown

     Eridu Society Airship Outpost  - Unknown

    Described as a place for airship pilots to rest up, get refreshed, and re-supply on their adventures and expeditions.  With a quite little cafe and a looking tower, this installation brings a steampunk feel to the playa.  Don’t forget to check out the brand new Steampunk Pro’s on display there.


  18. Evolution of A Single Heart – Dagmar & TRMac Kohime

     Evolution of A Single Heart - Dagmar & TRMac Kohime

    This exhibit features several artistic representations of the stages of evolution of a single heart, beginning at birth.  Very creative and expressively articulate.


  19. Roswell Revisited – Unknown

     Roswell Revisited - Unknown

    The creator sets the scene for this installation by saying, “A ship has crashed in the desert. As we look inside we find not aliens, but humans, growing in pods. A “man” stumbles from the wreckage, pleading for help. This is our future, the TRUTH of Roswell. And it will all be covered up… “  This curious installation offers an antithesis look to what you might have expected.    Well crafted and textured.


  20. ..Out of the Box Not Allowed? – Cienega Soon

     ..Out of the Box Not Allowed? - Cienega Soon

    Creator Cienega Soon calls for Revolution with this exhibit which instructing visitors to get out of their boxes and create, change, and revolt.


More of my photos of these exhibits and more can be viewed here.

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16 Responses to “The 20 Burning Life Camps You Must See”

  1. Mo says:

    This is a wonderful post! Thank you. I want to see them all.

  2. crystal says:

    I’ve been to Burning Life a few times this week, and I missed most of these exhibits. Thanks for highlighting them for me. It’s too hard to get to everything with the lag.

  3. Johnny Solo says:

    Wow. Gnarly pictures. I have to check out some of these. When does Burning Life end?

  4. Ryan Graves says:

    Yah! This is exactly what I was looking for! Links and all! Cheers!

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  6. Sarah Westland says:

    YAY! I know what I’m doing today! Much thanks!

  7. Captain Redgrave says:

    Thanks for the nice photos, because that’s as close as we’ll ever get to any of these things at LagFest 09.

    • I hoped the direct SLURLs would help you better navigate to them, and since they have extended BL to November 1st you should be able to visit now that there are no event with a lot less leg.

  8. Isle Lunasea says:

    Great post, fantastic list… and a shocker to see 42 on there, yeay!
    I’ll be giving out this link for sure. Thanks for taking the time to do this, is a great service for anyone interested in BL. I believe BL will stay open for a week or so after the actual close date, or at least the builds will remain, but no events (or crowds!) just FYI :)

  9. Raven Haalan says:

    Great list, and I agree with your picks – they are all fabulous – and a humble thanks for featuring 42. LOVE your build as well!

  10. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by GiannaBorgnine: **The 20 Burning Life Camps You MUST SEE** – http://bit.ly/2cmkVM

  11. Liz Gealach says:

    Thank you for including me in this list of wonderful artists!! I am still exploring myself, and will be sure to see each of these builds!!

  12. Agreed on your choices :D
    thanks for linking the video I did of Marcus’ work…
    he’s a good friend of mine in RL :D Totally deserves it <.< So I had to film it… it's just WOW


    also just thought I'd add some links to some work you've already posted up here :)

    Video Of: Berlin Stage from Kazuhiro Aridian – Bryn's Dream and Gulliver's travel scene from Ub Yifu and Copan Falta @ Burning Life

    Video of works by:
    Miso Susanowa & Misprint Thursday, Sledge Roffo,Selavy Oh, and FreeWee Ling

    Video of: Outside of the box not allowed? by Cienega Soon

    Video of Bryn Oh's Vessel's Dream :)

    Another video of Gulliver's travels scene from
    Ub Yifu and Copan Falta @ Burning Life

    Taking a trip through burning life through the works of:
    Flora Virtua Exotica @ Burning Life-Opal by Snowy Hoobinoo
    Donpatchy Dagostino – Tokyo Stage, Burning Life-Steamboat
    Kazuhiro Aridian Burning Life – Berlin Plaza South, Burning Life-Rabbithole
    Cabaret of Flame, Burning Life-Rabbithole by Poid Mahovlich

    Video of:
    Four Yip and Mescaline Tammas' "Fuzion" build for Burning Life

    ^_^ More videos to come I'm sure but I just thought I'd toss those up as you've hosted just about every build I ran and shot up here :D YAY! Good choices :)

  13. Also… burning life has been extended until November 1st!
    For you machinimists who planned on filming and missed it?

    Take ADVANTAGE of it :D

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